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Welcome to the

AfterSchool Program!

Experience the benefits of a well-socialized, Pawsitively Trained puppy!

AfterSchool Program is for Puppy Pack Members only. 

All puppies need a solid socialization program. The AfterSchool Program has you covered!

Are you confused, worried, even paralyzed, by the thought of properly socializing your puppy?

Leave it to the professionals! We understand what puppy paralysis feels like - we've been there! That's why we have created our tailored AfterSchool Program to match the developmental needs of puppies to provide them with a catered socialization plan. We want to help you achieve your training goals and truly enjoy your dog for many years to come.

Are you looking at your furry "wild child" and wondering where that sweet, sleepy puppy went?

As puppies get older, their temperament begins to shift, develop, and grow. We want to make sure we are adjusting our program to meet the needs of every pup and prevent practicing problem behaviors from the beginning. The AfterSchool program teaches appropriate play skills, while also promoting calmness, relaxation, and good manners. So many puppy owners wait until their dog is a "naughty teenager" before realizing how crucial a well-timed socialization program really was. Don't wait! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your new puppy addition?

Let's make life with your dog easy, peaceful, and pleasant. Starting your puppy in a high quality training program will prevent head aches, heart aches, and save you thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of your dog. Start now and prevent problems in the future.

In these sessions, we will address:

  • Jumping for greeting
  • Potty training
  • Puppy biting behavior
  • Adding basic obedience skills (sit/eye contact/down/etc)
  • Teaching a reliable "Come" cue
  • Creating polite behavior while you are busy cooking, cleaning, eating, working, watching TV, etc.
  • Encouraging appropriate and safe social behavior with new people and dogs
  • Interacting with novel objects, textures, environments, etc.
  • Teaching polite play skills with people and dogs
  • Preventing problem behaviors
  • And so much more!

These sessions are available for Puppy Pack Members only.

What to expect...

  • Create a Pawsitively Trained account & book your training sessions.
  • Drop off your puppy at the Pawsitively Trained Studio.
  • Bring your puppy on a harness and 4-6ft leash, wearing a collar with an ID tag.
  • Bring your pup's favorite treats and favorite chewie (frozen stuffed Kong with some of their dinner works great)
  • Leave your puppy for their AfterSchool Session (go get dinner, run some errands, have some much needed quiet time, have fun, parents need a break occasionally!).
  • We (Trainers) will work on sessions of appropriate play, mixed in with obedience training, chew time, potty breaks, and relaxation time.
  • We will use positive reinforcement protocols only. There will be no correction tools, scare tactics, or harsh punishment.
  • We will teach puppies life skills, social skills, recall skills, focus skills, and calming skills.
  • Pick up your puppy at the end of our session.
  • Receive a "report card" with training tips and puppy progress (maybe even a cute picture or video!).
  • Bring your puppy back for follow-up sessions. The AfterSchool Program works best when attended frequently. Practice makes perfect!

Ask us about our COVID safety protocols!

The AfterSchool Program is held in the Pawsitively Trained Studio

AfterSchool Program: includes 1-hour puppy-only session with the trainer and a customized "report card" for the owner with training tips and puppy progress.


The FOCUS on Puppies program includes 3 AfterSchool Sessions in the package price. To purchase additional sessions, or to book your puppy in the AfterSchool Program, click Book a Session.

All Pawsitively Trained courses are designed with 4 components in mind.


Our training program does not require physical strength or endless willpower. You will learn easy-to-implement training exercises that you can simply incorporate into your normal daily routines. We want to help you eliminate the struggle and make life with your pup a walk in the park.


Our methods are currently being used by top trainers around the world and the techniques have been proven effective by numerous experts in the industry. We have seen the positive results in hundreds of dogs that have gone through our program and can't wait to help you with your training successes.


We are continuously updating our training programs to make sure that you reach your training goals as efficiently as possible, while still giving you the long-lasting results you are looking for with your dog. We pack our programs full of bonuses that allow you to access training material anytime, anywhere.


We want training to be fun for BOTH you and your dog! All of our programs include games that make training engaging for the entire family. Even for those stressful problem behaviors you may be facing, our methods will help you eliminate the headaches quickly, allowing you to truly enjoy your canine companion.


This program comes with exclusive access to a members only Facebook discussion group. We would love to welcome you to the Pawsitively Trained Pack!

  • Community discussion, exclusive to Pawsitively Trained dog owners
  • Post training questions, struggles, and successes 24/7
  • Immediate Trainer answers and feedback throughout training program
  • New training videos, tips, and advice posted weekly
  • and much more!
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