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"My parents have been involved with 4Life for years, and I grew up taking many of the human products. My step-dad, Steven Slagle, DVM., participated in many of the research studies for the animal products so I have seen, first hand, how effective these products can be. Now, I am a distributor for 4Life and recommend the products often for many of my clients. Whether you have a dog with fatty tumors or a cat with an abscess, the 4Life products will help get the immune system up to speed to overcome it. I recommend 4Life for any illness or injury that has immune involvement, and like I said, I have seen it work time and time again."

-Kelsey Weber

If you would like to order products, or if you have questions about case studies or 4Life Research, please contact Kelsey

Transferceutical Science

"In the first critical days of life for humans and other mammals, a mother passes on vital immune knowledge through the first meal—colostrum—which contains transfer factor molecules. As nature’s first supplement, these memory molecules transfer immune experience to educate and prepare the newborn’s immune system to function in the world.

While vitamins and herbs provide nutrition to the immune system, transfer factors provide information so immune cells can do their jobs faster and more effectively. Research over the years has revealed that transfer factor molecules are abundant in nature. Through a patented filtration process, 4Life extracts transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks for the foundation of its Transferceutical™ products.

People of all ages can benefit from nature’s first supplement by borrowing immune memory from the strong, heroic immune systems of these two animals.

Transfer factors:
• Help immune cells quickly recognize invading germs or other potential threats
• Help the immune system respond more efficiently after an invader has been identified
• Lend a hand in remembering how to tackle each problem your immune system encounters, so your body knows exactly what to do the next time

4Life has gone further in promoting and researching the benefits of transfer factors than anyone else. This scientific innovation will undoubtedly continue."



"Q: What are transfer factors?

A:Transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, or herbs—substances that add nutrients to the body. Transfer factors are molecules that actually transfer immune memory and knowledge from one immune system to another.

Q: When were transfer factors discovered?

A:In 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, a New York University immunologist, determined that an immune response could be transferred from a donor to a recipient through a white blood cell extract. He concluded that the extract contained a factor capable of transferring the donor’s immunity information to the recipient and named the substance transfer factor.

In 1998, 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee licensed the patent to extract transfer factors from cow colostrum. The introduction of 4Life Transfer Factor®Classic opened the door to a new category of immune system support products. 4Life’s commitment to transfer factor research has progressively raised the standard for modern-day immune system supplementation.

Q: What research has been done on transfer factors?

A:In the 50 years since Dr. Lawrence’s pioneering work on transfer factors, an estimated $40 million has been spent researching transfer factors and hundreds of scientific papers have been published documenting their effectiveness.

Recent independent studies report that 4Life Transfer Factor and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus®Tri-Factor Formulas boost Natural Killer cell activity a remarkable 283% and 437%* when your body needs it.

Q: How does 4Life Transfer Factor support my immune system?

A:Transfer factors are some of the most unique molecules in your body. They carry important messages to immune cells all over the body, helping them fight harder and more effectively to keep you well.

Transfer factors provide intelligence to the immune system in three very important ways:
Recognize. Transfer factors help immune cells identify invading germs and other problems more quickly.
Respond. Transfer factors help speed up the immune system’s response to an invader after it’s been identified.
Remember. Transfer factors lend a hand in remembering the specific makeup of each germ your immune system encounters, so the next time it comes around, your body knows exactly what it is, and what to do.

Q: Why does my immune system need support?

A:When your immune system works hard, you’re able to work and play hard. But when immune system function is impaired by too little sleep, environmental hazards, poor diet, or a high-stress lifestyle, it can’t do its job. You should care about your immune system, because it cares for you.

Q: How can 4Life Transfer Factor support healthy energy levels?

A:4Life Transfer Factor supports healthy energy levels by promoting the effectiveness of your immune system. When your immune system is working as it should, you have plenty of energy to do the things you love. Plus, the more energy you have, the faster your body responds to any new problem it encounters.

Q: If I eat healthy foods, why do I need 4Life Transfer Factor?

A:Healthy foods provide your body with important nutrients to help keep it strong. Immune cells definitely need this nutrition, but they also need education. That’s what 4Life Transfer Factor provides—the education and information to help immune cells know what they should be doing to keep the immune system running at peak performance.

Q: What is Transferceutical™Science?

A:Transferceutical Science encompasses the research and development of products that educate the immune system to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats. Transferceutical Science and products were pioneered by 4Life Research.

Q: How is 4Life Transfer Factor different from other products?

A:The biggest key to overall immune system health is balance—boosting when needed and calming down when needed. Almost all immune system products on the market today (vitamins, minerals, and herbs) have one thing in common: they provide temporary nutrition. However, the best long-term solution to an active, balanced immune response is information.

The way that 4Life Transfer Factor works with your body's immune system is completely unique. It teaches your immune system to recognize, respond to, and remember potential invaders. Looking beyond nutrition to information is a profound paradigm shift, and 4Life Transfer Factor is the only product available that leverages this powerful paradigm.

Q: How can I share 4Life Transfer Factor products with other people?

A:4Life offers a financial opportunity just as rewarding as its innovative products. To learn more about 4Life Transfer Factor, please contact the person who referred you here."


Animal Health Products

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Soft Chews for DOGS and CATS     Retail: $33.95     30 treats
A tasty treat for dogs and cats of every size with UltraFactor XF® and OvoFactor® and other key nutrients

• Provides a reward for your dog’s good behavior

• Is low in calories

• Comes in re--sealable packaging to maintain freshness

• Complements your cat’s daily nutritional diet for just about $1 a day

Canine Complete     Retail: $50.45     60 servings

Comprehensive daily nutritional support with UltraFactor XF® and OvoFactor®

 • Features 4Life Transfer Factor®

 • Supports canine wellness with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and protein

 • Was developed by veterinarians and nutritional scientists

Feline Complete     Retail: $39.45     60 servings

Comprehensive daily nutritional support with UltraFactor XF® and OvoFactor®

• Features 4Life Transfer Factor®

• Supports feline wellness with essential vitamins,

minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and protein

• Was developed by veterinarians and nutritional scientists

Animal Stress Pack     Retail: $53.95     7 packets

Super serving of UltraFactor XF® and OvoFactor® and other nutrients for all animals in times of stress,

performance, or travel

• Features high levels of 4Life Transfer Factor®

• Supports animal health through times of stress with additional

electrolytes, probiotics, and other critical nutrients

• Was developed by veterinarians and nutritional scientists

Performance and Show    Retail: $141.95   30 servings

Comprehensive daily nutritional support for all horses with UltraFactor XF® and OvoFactor®

• Features 4Life Transfer Factor®

• Provides nutritional support for healthy joints, strong bones,

and a gleaming coat

• Contains balanced ratios of minerals, trace minerals, vitamins,

probiotics, amino acids, and essential fatty acids

• Was developed by veterinarians and nutritional scientists

Livestock Stress Formula     Retail: $263.95     80 servings

Super serving of UltraFactor XF® and OvoFactor® and other nutrients for livestock in times of stress or illness

• Features high levels of 4Life Transfer Factor®

 • Supports livestock health through acute stress situations with added vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics, and other essential nutrients

 • Was developed by veterinarians and nutritional scientists

Human Health Products

"You want a strong and vibrant immune system. It’s why you exercise, get the right amount of sleep, eat healthy, and balance your stress levels. But even your best efforts sometimes leave you feeling rundown. What else can you do to keep your body feeling balanced and strong? Visit for the complete list of human health products today.

4Life distributors around the world share the science of 4Life products, coupled with the opportunity to achieve financial success, with people who want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy income. Foundation 4Life®, the company’s distributor-driven humanitarian arm, is committed to service activities that addresses community needs wherever 4Life conducts business around the world.

Every day, in every way, 4Life is Together, Building People through science, success, and service."