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Pawsitive Puppy Program ... For Puppy Owners

The Puppy Program teaches you how to build an ideal training foundation for your new puppy in a group class environment.  Group classes consist of 4-6 dogs and their handlers. These classes provide a chance for your dog to socialize and learn how to focus around people and dog distractions. Most group classes  are 1 hour per week for 5 weeks. Once enrolled in a class, you will attend that class at the same time and in the same location every week until class completion. Most group classes are located at the Pawsitively Trained Studio.

During this program you will learn about puppy development, potty training and other important topics relating to your new pup, as well as the basic obedience commands that make life with your future adult dog much more manageable and even enjoyable! 

The play and enrichment sessions incorporated into class time, are designed to help your puppy socialize with other dogs in a safe location, as well as build your pup's confidence and increase brain function with environmental enrichment activities. 

In order to receive the full benefits from the Pawsitive Puppy Program, it is recommended that you enroll in both of the 5 week courses listed below. Since the classes build on each other and target different age groups, attending both courses will give you and your puppy a much more comprehensive training foundation.  Since the Pawsitive Puppy Program is on a rolling schedule, you can start any week that class is being held; you do not have to wait until the “first” class to get started. However, you must attend 5 consecutive weeks in order to receive all of the information. 

Additionally, the package deals offer in-home private sessions to help Kelsey meet with each puppy and their family individually to discuss training goals and go over any questions or concerns specific to your situation. Starting with an in-home private session helps Kelsey cater the information in the group sessions more to the individual needs of you and your dog and give your pup a jump start in the group environment. 

Puppy Pre-k 

This group class is designed for puppies under 16 weeks old, ideally starting between 8-12 weeks old. In this 5 week course, you and your puppy will learn all the fundamental behaviors to begin while the puppy is still in the Critical Socialization Period; including, but not limited to, potty training, how to share, appropriate greetings, low stress handling techniques for vet/grooming practices, polite play and social skills, etc. 

Puppy Primary School 101

This group class is designed for puppies 4-8 months old, ideally starting between 16-20 weeks old. In this 5 week course, you and your puppy will learn many of the foundation behaviors to create a well-mannered family dog, including, but not limited to: appropriate greetings, impulse control, leash walking, basic obedience cues, reading body language, etc. 


Puppy Pre-K = $175

-(5) 1 hour group sessions

-PLUS online course (ask for coupon code)

-Start any week class is available and attend 5 consecutive weeks

Puppy Primary School 101 = $175

-(5) 1 hour group sessions

-PLUS online course (ask for coupon code)

-Start any week class is available and attend 5 consecutive weeks

Pawsitive Puppy Package  - $400

-Puppy Pre-K  AND Puppy Primary School 101

-PLUS  1 hour, in-home, private session

-PLUS Pre-K and Primary online courses (ask for coupon code)

-$455 Value