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Adult (Group) Education Program

Group classes consist of 4-6 dogs and their handlers. These classes provide a chance for your dog to socialize and learn how to focus around people and dog distractions. Most group classes  are 1 hour per week for 5 weeks. Once enrolled in a class, you will attend that class at the same time and in the same location every week until class completion. Most group classes are located at the Pawsitively Trained Studio.

The Pawsitively Trained, Adult Ed Program is on a rolling schedule, meaning you can start the class any week since the class topics are taught independently from one another. There are 5 class topics in each course, so make sure to attend all 5 sessions to receive the information from the entire syllabus. It is recommended that you attend class for a consecutive 5 weeks, so you don't repeat class topics.

Group classes are divided by skill level and by age. Puppies under 6 months can start in the Pawsitive Puppy Program, dogs over 6 months can be enrolled in any of the classes listed below. For the most comprehensive training program, it is recommended  that every dog attends class levels 101-301.


Group Classes are priced per dog.

Group Courses

5 week course  =  $175

2 Course Package  =  $315


3 Course Package  =  $470

Class Descriptions

Adult Primary School 101 

The Primary School 101 class teaches you how to communicate with your dog effectively and use positive behavior as a replacement for any problem behavior your dog may be exhibiting. Additionally, this class is excellent for dogs who are new additions to your family, since we will work on building a respectful relationship between you and your new pup. In the Primary School 101 class, you and your dog will learn over 10 new commands that you will use around the house everyday. These include: waiting at the door, walking on a loose leash, and coming when called.

*The Adult Primary School 101 class is the adult version of the Puppy Primary School 101 class. If you have already completed Puppy 101, you can skip Adult 101 and go directly onto the 201 class level.

*This course includes access to the Primary School 101 Online course. Ask for coupon code to get the online course for free after purchase of the group class. 

Adult PrepSchool 201

The PrepSchool 201 class expands on the behaviors taught in the 101 class. Here we will be focusing on generalizing the behaviors to new contexts, weaning off of treat lures, and adding distractions and greater duration to behaviors. In the PrepSchool 201 class, you and your dog will learn how to apply training to more real world environments and solidify concepts learned in the previous classes. 

*Prerequisites for 201 class: Completion of 101 level class OR dog already has the ability to sit stay and down stay in public locations.

300 Level Group Classes

The following classes only run occasionally throughout the year, contact Kelsey to see when the next advanced 300 level class will be available.

Prerequisites for 300 level classes: Completion of 201 level class.

Adult PhD 301

The PhD 301 class is the next level in obedience after completing the 201 class level. Here, we will prepare you and your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test. This is an excellent way to assess how far your dog has come in their training program and teaches you how to fine tune your techniques; creating an even stronger relationship between you and your dog.  

This class is the first step towards doing therapy or service dog work with your dog, and teaches you how to fine tune all of your obedience training. We go through 10 different test items and work on your dog's reaction to strangers, distractions, dogs, and public places. Not all owners choose to take the CGC Evaluation at the end, but all the dogs that go through this class will be model citizens when out in public with their owners.

Professional Development 302

  • Fundamentals of Family Fun
The Fundamentals of Family Fun class is an excellent way to learn about various dog sports and games for your dog. We will cover a different professional dog sport in each class session, from agility to nosework to canine fitness and more. This class is perfect for dogs needing more mental and physical outlets and for owners looking for new and exciting ways to challenge the busy brain of your canine companion.

  • Tricks with Obstacles

The Tricks with Obstacles class is an incredibly fun way to spend time with your pup while working their body and their mind to help build confidence and self control. This class will encourage your dog to interact with obstacles and learn how to independently start and finish obstacles without guidance, as well as become more responsive to your cues. This is not designed to be a competition agility class; it is designed to be a fun way to expand on your dog's learning but it can also be used as a prerequisite for further agility training.

  •  Freestyle Tricks
The Freestyle Tricks class teaches you and your dog how to think in new ways to learn flashy tricks that you can show off to your friends, family, and even strangers! This class encourages dogs to troubleshoot to find the correct answer and teaches you how to communicate with your dog in a completely new way. Not only will you learn the classic tricks like "Bow" and "Rollover", but you will also learn useful tricks like retrieving specific items or turning on the lights. Since your creativity is the limit for this class, we never run out of ways to make training more exciting and fun for you and your dog.