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Online Education

Online courses are finally here!! 

Want to start training but cannot find the time to get scheduled? Want to learn more about positive reinforcement training but don't have access to a trainer in your area? Want to get started with your new puppy but worried about their vaccinations? Want to review class material at home?

Check out these online options!


By clicking the links, you will be redirected to the Pawsitively Trained Online site. This site requires login and password to enroll in courses, but is not linked to your account for "in person" training, so will require new profile and payment information.

NOTE: The Primary School 101 course is still under construction, but I wanted the topics to be available as quickly as they were ready. This course will start out  being offered at a discounted rate and increase as the topics are completed. If you purchase the course at the discounted rate, you will not be charged more when the new topics are added. The purchase price is a one time fee, so purchasing in these early construction stages gives you eventual access to the full course without the full course price. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

More courses coming soon...

Have a topic that you would like to know more about?  Let us know! [email protected]