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Recommended Pet Professionals

Nature's Pet Market - Sherwood, OR

Wags Pet Resort - Sherwood, OR

Willamette Humane Society - Salem, OR


FearFree Clinics

To search for Fear Free clinics in your area click here:

Crossroads Veterinary Hospital - Sherwood, OR

Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic - Wilsonville, OR

Brooklyn Yard Veterinary Hospital - SE Portland, OR

Veterinary Clinics

Tualatin Animal Clinic - Tualatin, OR

Newberg Veterinary Hospital - Newberg, OR

Certified Trainers

Synergy Behavior Solutions - Portland, OR

(specializes in aggression, fear, and behavior issues)

Group Classes

Private Training

Veterinary Behaviorist

Reactive Dog Training

Wonder Puppy - Portland, OR

(specializes in puppy socialization)

Puppy Training

Puppy Socialization

Coexist Canine Coaching - Portland, OR (and surrounding)

(specializes in puppy training and behavior modification) 

Private Training

Board and Train

Puppy Training Camp

Cat Training

Pooch Parenting - San Rafael, CA

(specializes in training dogs around children)

Private Training 

Online Training

Check out these awesome resources from Pooch Parenting:

  • Thriving with Kids & Dogs Membership - this is a great supplement for parents, as it combines coaching and parent support with dog training and positive education for both kids & dogs
  • Preparing Dog for New Baby - If you are worried about how your dog will adapt to living with your new baby, you are not alone. This course gives you the tools and confidence you need to spend quality time with your beloved pooch AND your new addition.
  • First Week Home with Dog and Baby -  this workshop gives you the tools and confidence you need to not only keep your new baby safe, but also set the stage for a successful life together as a family.
  • Parenting Toddlers and Dogs - Toddlers can sure be unpredictable, but this course will give you bite sized pieces of information and actionable steps you can apply to keep everyone safe (and keep you sane!).
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