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Private Sessions

Private classes work well for owners with busy schedules or owners with specific training needs. They also can be ideal for puppies that are not yet vaccinated or for dogs who need one-on-one attention and are not ready for training in public. These sessions are 1 hour each and allow for you and your dog to get maximum instruction and practice during that period. Additionally, you can go through these classes at your own pace, catering the training specifically for you and your dog. Private classes have much more flexibility in scheduling and you can have multiple dogs in the private classes while still only paying the normal hourly rate.

Private classes can be offered at the Pawsitively Trained Studio, out in public, or in your home. Classes held away from the Studio will have an additional visit fee.

One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training is used to supplement the other training programs and is offered to existing clients only. During these sessions, Kelsey comes in to work with the dog(s) without the owners present. This is exceptionally valuable for owners that work long hours and want their dog to receive some mental stimulation during the day. Also, consistency and repetition help dogs learn much faster; having Kelsey do supplemental training sessions during the week gives your dog the best opportunity to grasp training concepts quickly. These sessions may consist of training walks in new places, socializing sessions with other dogs and/or people, car training sessions, or even basic house manners.

Since owners are not present during these sessions, it is recommended that follow up Private Sessions be done with the owners so that the entire training team is on the same page.


Pawsitively Trained is now offering discounted One-on-One Training walks for dogs staying at Wags Pet Resort in Sherwood for daycare or boarding. This is a great option for your pup to get some extra focused training attention while you're away. Spaces are very limited for Wags Walks so make sure to schedule with Kelsey in advance. 

Daycare/Boarding fees and scheduling is handled by Wags Pet Resort. Be sure to set up an evaluation through Wags to make sure your dog is comfortable staying at the facility prior to scheduling Wags Walks with Kelsey.

Wags Walks can be purchased under the One-on-One Training option in the online store.


Payment is taken on or before your first session. Click here for more information on how to register and pay for training. Contact Kelsey to schedule your first session.

Private Sessions are priced per hour and per household. These sessions include working with the owners. For In Home Private Sessions, add $20 per home visit.

In Studio: $85/hour 


In Studio: Private Session Packages


Package of 4 (1 hour) Sessions  =  $320

  •  $340 Value


Package of 8 (1 hour) Sessions  $600

  • $680 Value

In Home: $105/hour

In Home: Private Session Packages

Package of 4 (1 hour) Sessions$400

  •  $420 Value

Package of 8 (1 hour) Sessions  $760

  • $840 Value

One-on-One sessions are priced per hour per household and owners are not present. These prices include the visit fee.


One-on-One Packages


Package of 4 (1 hour) Sessions  =  $260

  •  $280 Value


Package of 8 (1 hour) Sessions  $480

  • $560 Value

Wags Walks

$30/30 min


Additional rates my apply based on location.

Contact Kelsey for details.