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Teething & Tantrums Webinar

Make life with your puppy more enjoyable and less painful!

Puppies are bitey! But what is normal and what should you be worried about?

Have a puppy that is harassing the other members of the household?

Worried that your puppy's biting is out of control?

Wishing you could just skip the biting phase?!

This webinar breaks down the reasons puppies are bitey, how to address the behavior, and easy ways to teach your puppy to keep their teeth to themselves. Every puppy owner should know how to best navigate the biting phase, for the benefit of your puppy, your friends and family, your other pets, and yourself!

Everyone thinks their puppy is exceptionally bitey, but believe me, MY puppy was worse - and now he is a therapy dog! I am excited to share all these tips and tricks with you, to fast track you through this crazy puppy phase.

 -Kelsey Weber

In this course, we will address:

  • Different developmental stages, and how the puppy biting may shift as they mature
  • Management strategies to prevent mouthing, chewing, biting, and aggressive behavior
  • Teaching techniques to help your puppy learn how to interact without puncturing their people
  • Detailed descriptions of games to play with your puppy to make learning fun and easy
  • How to set your puppy and yourself up for success, to minimize frustration and puppy chaos!

This is a great first course to get you started in a positive training program, or as a supplement to an existing training program. It works well for dogs of any age, though the focus is on puppies under 12 months, and it has no prerequisites!

Teething & Tantrums Webinar - Self-Study Course

Online Self-Study Course: includes recorded lecture, bonus demo videos, and notes

$35 Course

Click Sign Up Now! to receive instant access to this 1-hour Webinar. 

All Pawsitively Trained courses are designed with 4 components in mind.


Our training program does not require physical strength or endless willpower. You will learn easy-to-implement training exercises that you can simply incorporate into your normal daily routines. We want to help you eliminate the struggle and make life with your pup a walk in the park.


Our methods are currently being used by top trainers around the world and the techniques have been proven effective by numerous experts in the industry. We have seen the positive results in hundreds of dogs that have gone through our program and can't wait to help you with your training successes.


We are continuously updating our training programs to make sure that you reach your training goals as efficiently as possible, while still giving you the long-lasting results you are looking for with your dog. We pack our programs full of bonuses that allow you to access training material anytime, anywhere.


We want training to be fun for BOTH you and your dog! All of our programs include games that make training engaging for the entire family. Even for those stressful problem behaviors you may be facing, our methods will help you eliminate the headaches quickly, allowing you to truly enjoy your canine companion.


This course comes with exclusive access to a members only Facebook discussion group. We would love to welcome you to the Pawsitively Trained Pack!

  • Community discussion, exclusive to Pawsitively Trained dog owners
  • Post training questions, struggles, and successes 24/7
  • Immediate Trainer answers and feedback throughout training program
  • New training videos, tips, and advice posted weekly
  • and much more!
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