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Frequently Asked Questions

Click WELCOME MATERIALS for an overall idea about how to start a training program. 

Should my dog start in group or private training? 

The dog must be able to focus on the handler and take food in the presence of new dogs and new people in order to attend group classes. If the dog is reactive, excessively barky, fearful, or aggressive around dogs or people, they are not a good candidate for group classes and should start in private training. 

If the dog is a candidate for either option, it is up to the handler to determine if group or private would be more appropriate for their situation. Group classes are on a set schedule and use a syllabus that covers basic obedience and general manners. Private sessions are catered to the individual client and are able to be scheduled at a variety of times in a variety of locations. 

I got a new puppy, where do I start?!

Check out the Puppy Culture Program! Click here to shop. All new puppy owners should watch the Puppy Culture series. Kelsey recommends watching the videos before bringing home a new puppy, but the material is relevant for all puppies up to 1 year old. This program works very well in conjunction with the Pawsitively Trained program, and can be implemented before, during, or after training classes, but works best as a training foundation. 

When can my puppy start classes?

It is highly recommended to start puppies in puppy classes as early as possible. Kelsey prefers the puppies to start the Pre-K level group class between 8-12 weeks, but they can join the Pre-K level up to 16 weeks of age. Even if the puppy is not finished with vaccinations, as long as they have had their first set of shots, they can come to classes in the Studio. Puppies can start In Home Private Sessions at any age. 

Is my dog too old to start training?

No dog is too old to be trained. The earlier the dog starts a training program, the better, but any age is still acceptable. 

Where are classes held?

Group classes will be held at the Pawsitively Trained Studio (20345 SW Pacific HWY #106, Sherwood, OR 97140). The studio is in between Progressive Fitness and Paws for Elegance. On occasion, group classes will be held in new locations, but owners will always receive notice via text or email prior to class time.  Private sessions may be held in the Studio or in the client's home, depending on the type of private session purchased.  

What vaccinations are required for training?

Puppies should have their first set of vaccinations prior to the start date of group classes to give them some immunological protection. At 16 weeks of age, puppies should receive their final DHPP vaccine, and by 6 months of age, they should receive their Rabies vaccine. Adult dogs (over 6 months) are required to be current on vaccines or present titer results excusing the dog from receiving the DHPP or Rabies vaccine. 

How do I schedule classes?

To schedule group classes: create an account on the site, find the appropriate class level, enroll in 5 consecutive weeks of class through the group class schedule accessed through the online account. Make sure the schedule tab under the account page reflects all 5 weeks of class. Also, make sure that all 5 weeks are held at the same time/day of the week. If the schedule is full, the system will not allow more enrollments. Email [email protected] for more information or help enrolling.

To schedule private sessions or one on one walks: create an account on the site, then email [email protected] with weekday availability to see when the next appointment is available. Private training is held in home or in studio. 

Typically it takes at least 2-4 weeks to get onto the training schedule.

How often should I book private training?

Most clients prefer to space sessions once every two-three weeks. This provides enough time in between sessions to practice but still keeps up with a consistent schedule. Since every situation is different, weekly sessions or monthly sessions may be more appropriate. The flexibility of private training allows for many different options to best fit the needs of each client. 

What's the Stay and Train program?

Unfortunately, the Stay and Train is not being offered at this time. 

Requirements for training:

Online accounts must be created prior to scheduling any type of training. 

Puppy parents must read the Welcome Information prior to first class session. Click link on top of this page. 

Please bring high value treats to class (possibly mixed with puppy’s dinner kibble), a collared and leashed puppy, and a high value chew item for the puppy to use during the lecture portion of class. 

No retractable leashes, choke collars, prong collars, or E-collars allowed in class. This is a positive training program that does not require correction tools.

Please contact Kelsey with any questions, comments, or concerns! Congratulations on helping your pup become Pawsitively Trained!