Pawsitively Trained, LLC

   Turn your "problem pooch" into a Pawsitively Trained Dog  

Does Your Dog...?

…bark, whine, jump up, pull on the leash, potty in the house, nip or bite, dig up the yard, destroy furniture or carpet,

steal or chew inappropriate items, lick incessantly?

 …have separation anxiety, act stressed, act fearfully, seem too dominant, control your house, intimidate guests,

guard food or toys, respect all members of the family?

 …get along with other dogs, act politely around strangers, respond to cues, get distracted easily,

go to new places, behave well for vetting and grooming, follow commands without treats, spend time out in public?

 …do tricks, play games, get enough exercise, fetch a ball, get enough mental stimulation, have a job?

Let Kelsey turn your problem pooch into a Pawsitively Trained Dog!

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Pawsitively Trained, LLC

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Comments From the Pack

"Me-Too and I have learned so much and enjoyed ourselves beyond belief with Kelsey's incredible training. My puppy has turned into a patient loving teenager because of her knowledge. I can't wait for Me-Too and I to start her Tricks with Obstacles course!"



"Cocoa is becoming more and more well-behaved thanks to Kelsey"



"Kelsey is an amazing dog (and people) trainer. We have completed many training sessions with our "princess" Sadie and have been very pleased with the results. If you are looking for a really good trainer, I highly recommend Kelsey. She's the best!



"If anybody is looking for a GREAT trainer, give Kelsey a call"



"If you need help with your dog - this is the person to go to. I love Kelsey so much and overall she is a really great person!"


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