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Book Owner Coaching

In Owner Coaching sessions the trainer will guide you through the training process in live sessions, so you know exactly how to address your dog's behavior and your training goals.

Private Training

Individual sessions with the Trainer to create a custom, catered training plan. Virtual Sessions are held through Zoom video conferencing from the comfort of your own home!

Members can enroll in Studio Sessions to meet with Kelsey in-person at the Pawsitively Trained Studio.


Group Training

We host group sessions for puppies and monthly Members-only group events (both in-person & virtual) to practice your training skills with other like-minded dog owners, in a controlled environment. 

Check out our Puppy Training or join our Membership to find the Group Training option that fits your needs.

Prices Vary

Training Walks

Owners are not present on training walks - let your pup go have a fun, productive session, and let the Trainer do all the work! Afterwards, you will receive a "report card" providing you with details and next steps.

You must first attend a Virtual Session before booking a Walk.


Are you a Member?

"Pack Members" can add Training Walks or Private Training to their program for 20% off, while enrolled in the Membership! Additionally, Pack Members are eligible for private in-person Studio Sessions with the trainer, as well as Members-only monthly services and courses. Login to your Training Hub to enroll in Members-Only services & to receive your Pack Member discount.

Make it a Combo!

Our services all fit nicely together, creating a robust training program to address all aspects of the dog-human partnership. There isn't a one-size-fits-all training service available anywhere, since every dog and every human has individual needs. We encourage you to start with the Membership, then add Owner Coaching to create the most comprehensive approach.

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