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FOCUS on Your Dog Membership

Becoming a Member of the Pawsitively Trained Pack will Change Your Life

The FOCUS on Your Dog Membership is a combination of the two things that dog owners need most: an easy to follow training plan and a community to support them on their journey. Dog ownership is not always a "walk in the park". Often it's challenging, frustrating, embarrassing, overwhelming, concerning, and even scary. You likely struggle just trying to get through normal daily tasks and routines. We can help!

This Membership addresses all of that. Not only will you be provided with simple solutions to your training problems, but you will be supported every step of the way. This isn't a "set it and forget it" type Membership. You will be coached through the process, helped whenever you need it, and celebrated for what you achieve. 

We don't have small goals in this Membership. Teaching your dog to respond to basic training cues (sit, stay, come, leave it, etc.) is only the very tip of the iceberg. When you FOCUS on Your Dog, you will be able to understand your dog, live peacefully with your dog, and enjoy spending time with your dog - both around the house and out in public. This Membership will enhance your relationship and change your life together. We can't wait for your to get started!

No Need to Navigate on Your Own, We Have Already Planned the Best Route

The training industry is an unregulated industry. Anyone can call themselves a trainer. Anyone can dole out unfounded training advice (and many often do!). Professionals can behave in ways that range from horrific to completely ineffective. It's a scary time to be a dog owner - trying to navigate the sea of unhelpful, and even harmful, information to find the little islands of compassionate, knowledgeable experts. But guess what? You landed on that island!!

I have been working in this industry for nearly two decades and have evolved my training program to match my education and experience. I constantly strive to learn the most modern, scientifically proven, humane techniques. However, as a owner of 13 animals, running two businesses, and trying to maintain a family and social life, I also understand how important it is to keep things simple and practical.

Most problem behaviors in our dogs stem from unmet emotional needs. These problem behaviors quickly impact the human emotional health in the home - then everyone is struggling! Other training programs target the behavior, the symptom, but don't actually address the root cause. Here, we believe in efficient, effective learning, and the best way to get quick and lasting results is to diagnose and treat the original problem rather than chasing the symptoms. 

When Training is Enjoyable for Both People and Pets, Everybody Wins

This program follows the methods that I use with my own animals. Both of my current dogs were aggressive with other humans and dogs, and now lead rich social lives. Many of the puppies I have raised over the years have gone on to being a major staple in their communities, working as therapy dogs for emergency responders. Even my horses and birds have benefited from the training program, becoming easier to handle and more relaxed. I can't say enough good things about the training games and concepts covered in this Membership. BUT, you probably want to hear about the transformations that other people have experienced...

"Kelsey is such a knowledgeable trainer. She makes herself available and is dedicated to educating owners. Her positive training techniques are so natural and really stress cooperation. We've seen excellent progress and plan to continue our training with her."

"Her training videos and 1:1 direction literally, and I mean literally, helped me so much during some really challenging moments with Maverick...I was sure we had the bitiest puppy that ever lived. He was a little shark running mouth first! Let's just say, that Kelsey went above and beyond to help us here. Setting Maverick up with the right foundation through Kelsey's guidance has made all the difference and he's thriving today."

"Thank you so much for helping me regain my sanity... I feel a lot better with a plan moving forward. It's so reassuring and encouraging to see how implementing the strategies we talked about yesterday are already making life for both dogs SO much easier!"

"Kelsey is an incredible human - she is passionate about what she does (and amazing at it) and she is generous with her time. Whether you're looking for ways to correct undesirable behavior or trying to help your dog be as well rounded as possible, she's got you covered. Her methods are 100% force free. I have had dogs my whole life and didn't realize I had quite a bit more to learn about mental and physical balance. This community is so fortunate to have Kelsey!"

Level Up Your Pup with Our Revamped Learning Levels 

Your life with your dog is a journey. You will grow and mature together. You will have good days and bad days, successes and regressions. That's all a normal and enriching part of dog ownership. However, that journey doesn't have to be confusing and complicated. With the FOCUS on Dogs Membership, we have a Pack Member Path that is broken down into a simple, step-by-step process, expertly organized by priority to achieve the best results with the most clarity.

(Unable to view video? CLICK HERE)

The Perks of Being a Pack Member

The Membership is a comprehensive training program that includes multiple teaching tools for various learning styles: both in person and online services for access all over the globe, and both self-paced content and live trainer-led sessions for ease in any type of schedule. On top of all that, Pack Members receive 20% off private training services! You can start and/or cancel your Membership at any time, and because all Pack Members Perks are perks (not requirements) there is no pressure to do all the things! This is your Membership to FOCUS on Your Dog - our goal is to support you!

Plus you can join us for these monthly events! Click the images below to learn more.

Ready to Join the Pawsitively Trained Pack?! Sign Up Now!

Monthly Membership: includes entire training video library, monthly virtual live Q&A with the trainer, monthly social outing with the trainer, access to in-person coaching and training sessions, 20% discount on private training & training walks, and access to training handouts, session recordings, notes, and demo videos.


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