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For Breeders

"Good dogs come from good breeders. Good breeders strive to improve their breeds while considering canine health, temperament, training, and promoting responsible dog ownership. Part art, part science, and total devotion, breeding is exciting and challenging" (

As a breeder, you know how important it is to work with, train, and socialize puppies from an early age. Additionally, you know how crucial it is to find good puppy owners to take on the challenge of raising one of your puppies to become a well balanced, happy, healthy dog. The Breeder Package will enable you to more accurately assess the temperament and behavior of each pup, teach each pup necessary life skills, and prepare each pup for the transition of going to live in a completely new environment. Whether you are a brand new breeder or a seasoned breeding professional, raising puppies with the Puppy Culture Program is a life changing experience that will give you an even better understanding of puppy development and growth.

Think of why dogs are returned to breeders or why dogs end up in shelters... Majority of those cases (over 80%) are due to behavior related issues. If we can start new puppies off on the right paw by giving them the important life skills to cope in a human environment, puppies are more likely to stay in their homes and owners are more likely to be satisfied with their new addition. As mentioned above, simple training exercises can be started in puppies as young as 3-4 weeks old. Things like resource guarding, potty training, fear and aggression, jumping and nipping, and social skills can all be shaped from their experiences at the breeder. Produce better dogs by using the Puppy Culture Program.

In Private Sessions, Kelsey comes out to you and teaches you simple exercises to perform with your litter as they mature and discusses particular characteristics of each pup to help place them in their ideal homes. In One on One Sessions, Kelsey will spend time working with each puppy in the litter to give them training tools, enrichment, and begin working their little puppy brains.

Plus, Kelsey now offers Puppy Parties! Bring your litter (pups only, time for mom to get a break!) to the training Studio to practice socialization and environmental enrichment in a safe, controlled environment. During a Puppy Party, Kelsey will work with you and the puppies on training protocols to help the young ones learn how to navigate a new environment. Additionally, puppies will have a chance to practice their potty training skills, as well as create a positive association with trips in the car.

In addition to the training sessions, you will receive a $20 discount on the Puppy Program to send home with each puppy so their new owners can continue the training program. This gives me a chance to go over training methods with the new owners to keep these pups in an enriching and rewarding household, helping them develop into better, more well-behaved adult dogs.

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