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Welcome to the

Over Reactive Dog Webinar Series

Your guide to understanding, and handling, your reactive dog.

Some dogs have big reactions to seemingly small things, making life with those dogs particularly challenging - let's fix that!

Is it embarrassing to have guests over because of your dog's behavior?

Is it a struggle to walk your dog around your neighborhood? Is your dog's barky/lungy behavior labeling them as the town terror?!

Is it a constant headache, trying to manage your dog's reactive behavior around the house (especially when you're on those important calls!)?

All dogs react to their environment. They are living, sentient creatures, interacting with new and interesting stimuli every day. However, some dogs have bigger reactions than we would like. These webinars will give you a comprehensive view for why dogs behave that way and how to address it.

In these webinars, we will focus primarily on dogs reacting to other dogs in situations like passing other dogs while on leash or watching other dogs pass by the windows or fencing in their home. However, the principles in this course can easily be applied to dogs reacting to other people, bikes, skateboards, cars, squirrels, cats, (etc.) - any stimulus is worth working on, to help the dog become less reactive in their day-to-day lives.

I have worked through reactivity with my personal dogs (all 4 of them!) 

and I can't wait to help you see positive results with your own dogs.

 -Kelsey Weber

In Over Reactive Dog Webinar: Part 1, we will address:

  • The cause for the reactive behavior
  • What your dog is telling you before, during, and after a reaction
  • How to set yourself and your dog up for success
  • What training skills you should teach your dog to create a more pleasant walk
  • Easy adjustments to your training to get significant behavior change
  • How to handle those unpredictable "real life" scenarios

This is a great first course to get you started in a positive training program, or as a supplement to an existing training program. It works well for dogs of any age, and it has no prerequisites!

$55 Course (includes approx. 2+ hrs recorded lecture)

In Over Reactive Dog Webinar: The Next Chapter (Part 2), we will address:

  • The LEGS(TM) Model and how it applies to your dog's reactive behavior
  • The nuance that makes working with your reactive dog unique
  • How to prevent over reactions from occurring
  • How to recover from over reactions when they occur
  • How to help your dog self-regulate rather than over react
  • 10 top tips for successful training with an over reactive dog

This webinar takes a deep dive into the most modern and updated training principles for addressing reactivity. You may take this course even if you have not completed the Part 1 Webinar or any other training material.

$75 Course (includes approx. 2+ hrs recorded lecture &  1+ hr of recorded Q&A discussion)

All Pawsitively Trained courses are designed with 4 components in mind.


Our training program does not require physical strength or endless willpower. You will learn easy-to-implement training exercises that you can simply incorporate into your normal daily routines. We want to help you eliminate the struggle and make life with your pup a walk in the park.


Our methods are currently being used by top trainers around the world and the techniques have been proven effective by numerous experts in the industry. We have seen the positive results in hundreds of dogs that have gone through our program and can't wait to help you with your training successes.


We are continuously updating our training programs to make sure that you reach your training goals as efficiently as possible, while still giving you the long-lasting results you are looking for with your dog. We pack our programs full of bonuses that allow you to access training material anytime, anywhere.


We want training to be fun for BOTH you and your dog! All of our programs include games that make training engaging for the entire family. Even for those stressful problem behaviors you may be facing, our methods will help you eliminate the headaches quickly, allowing you to truly enjoy your canine companion.

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