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Start Training!

In 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Pick a Program

Step 2: Create an Account

Step 3: Book & Buy

Step 1: Pick a Program

All Training Programs start with owner learning. It's important to us that YOU feel comfortable and knowledgeable throughout your dog training journey. The "dog training" comes next!

Owner Coaching

Owner Coaching caters the training program to meet your (and your dog's) individual needs. The trainer will guide you through the training process in live sessions, so you know exactly how to address your dog's behavior and your training goals.

Self-Study Learning

Our video & handouts library allows you to go through training at your own pace. The updated "Training Hub" is designed to provide you with exactly the content you need, without endless hours of research and diving into the depths of YouTube. 


The Membership is the best of both worlds and works as a starting point or supplement to your program! Members receive a comprehensive step-by-step self-study program, 20% off all Owner Coaching sessions, and access to exclusive Members-only services. 

Unsure about which option sounds best? CLICK HERE to take a quick quiz to determine your ideal training path!

 Step 2: Create an Account

Click the button below to create your Client Portal. Here you will be able to book sessions, view your schedule, message our team, view training notes, track vaccination records, find your Zoom links, and much more! 

Already have an account with us? Click LOGIN at the top of the page anytime to jump right to your Client Portal.

Step 3: Book & Buy

Once you pick a program and create your account, all you have left is to book & buy! If you're unsure of what you need or how often to schedule services, start with a Virtual Private Session and Kelsey will recommend the best path for you and your dog. 

We want you to be successful in your program. Consistency is key! Booking sessions on a regular schedule (every 1-3 weeks) is the best way to make real, lasting progress in your training program. 

Prices for services are listed with the service descriptions in the Owner Coaching, Self-Study, and Membership tabs. Additionally, you can view our schedule availability and pricing options in your Client Portal

If you have additional questions. Please contact us!

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